How to Start a Blog that Makes Money and Never Look Back Again. Learn from Pro Players.

Let’s face it! You want to learn how start a blog that pays off ASAP. You want the roadmap to online “riches”. You find no pleasure in sitting around and trying things blindfolded, just to find weeks later that your effort, time and money were all flushed down the toilet.

Blogging is simple. Just get on the right track and you’re almost guaranteed to win!

That requires you learn the game and play it differently.

Know how the pros play…
and break the rules!

See what the top dogs do… and act the opposite or do it better. You don’t need permission to innovate!

Simply put, you have to learn the insights from those who know how to get traffic that “sticks” and then how to “convert” that traffic into leads, clients or sales. You add your own spin to it, and create something phenomenal.

That’s how I started… watching pro bloggers do their magic, and creating my own show. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but I started to learn fast… and results sparkle!

Want to know my secret? Here’s what I had:

  • One brain and two hands
  • Zero blogging experience
  • Basic writing skills & computer knowledge
  • Sheer determination and perseverance…

Make no excuses! I believe you already are (or can be) better than me, don’t you think?

The biggest secret you need to know about learning how to start a blog…

Starting a blog that makes money is like growing a tree from seed. Just listen closely…

  • First of all, you need to decide on the type of tree you want to grow. That’s your niche and target audience… don’t just jump right in. Think. Research. Find your passion.
  • Secondly, you have to select the right seed (register your domain name)
  • Thirdly, you plant the seed at the recommend soil depth and at the optimal time (buy a premium webhost to build a strong blog foundation)
  • Then, you add water (on-site content) and sun light (off-site content) on a regular basis. As each day goes by, your plant starts to grow naturally. Next spring, hopefully you can taste the fruit (get the cash).

The paradox of blogging:
Attract a Ton of Traffic, Make No Money


Bamidele Onibalusi
The king of guest posting

Most pro bloggers whom I talked with (or interviewed) made almost no money in their first year blogging.

This guy actually brought so much sun light to his blog (close to 300 posts within a year) yet made no cash, just got happy with traffic and exposure.

Am I saying that you will make no money with your blog? It depends. 98% of the bloggers out there start off with big dreams and give up quickly. That’s because they don’t have a realistic strategy. Most have no strategy at all.

Strategy means to know beforehand everything (or more than anybody else) about your target audience and competition…

You have to understand SEO (the truth about it, not the myths that the web is flooded with)… what makes people search particular subjects and how they THINK online…

You need to learn what makes people click an ad, answer a comment, or read a post till the end…

Then you have to think differently than anybody else. Be the inventor of your niche, or somebody else will.

Get Number #1 Or Quit Playing!

Before you start writing your first blog post. Even before you start registering your domain name or selecting your niche, think how to…

  • Make your blog the Google replica of your niche.

Think what happens when you transform your blog into the #1 reference site of your industry.

Blogging is about attracting the right audience through relevant information. Give them fish, and they will ask for more. Teach them how to fish, and they’ll tell others about you.

That means make an effort and habit to create premium content (on and off site) – never settle for less. Most of your competitors will never become a top-notch content factory.

You can do this all by yourself, along with a partner, or maybe with a team that you train/hire for producing super hot articles and information.

Everything comes with the experience. And sometimes you can skip the learning curve. Yes, there are shortcuts you should take advantage of. There’s not fun to spend a year blogging like crazy, then find your niche topic or target audience is not making enough profit.

That’s why you need to learn from someone who has been there, done it. Go all by yourself, and you’ll be slapped by tigers and eaten by sharks. There are no Penguins or Panda in the zone…

Blogging is like a jungle

There are now more bloggers than ever. It sucks… anybody can create a page and load it with more ads than content. Because of that, attention span is fierce. You’re the first to publish something amazing, or simply don’t exist.


Darren Rowse
Pro Blogger

“Be First – if you’re the first in your niche to do, say or be something you’re likely to be linked to heavily by others in your niche.

Being second, third, forth…. in your niche to do, say or be something will generally have less impact. For example take a look at the success of the Million Dollar Homepage in contrast to the main thousands of copycat pixel advertising sites that followed. Another example was the One Red Paperclip guy.” – Darren Rowse,

Creating good content is not enough. It has to be premium or it won’t get noticed. And creating premium content is not enough either. It has to be done on a massive scale. On and off the blog. Read that again. Let it sink. And then prepare the strategy to take your industry by storm.

Run a Content Marathon

Here’s a guy who took a stand and published 100 posts in 100 days to his insurance company’s blog. The end result: over $5k in new revenue. I was so excited about this content-publishing method that I went ahead and asked Ryan how we come up with the idea. Read his answer:


Ryan Hanley
Content marathoner

“Have you ever seen the movie Pulp Fiction? Do you know the scene where Uma Thurman’s character overdoses on heroin and John Travolta’s character has to give her an adrenaline shot to the heart?

I needed to give my blog an adrenaline shot to the heart. I couldn’t think of a better way to boost traffic immediately than use YouTube and Google+ to answer client questions and push so much fresh content out there in such a short period of time that Google Search had to notice.” – Ryan Hanley,

It’s time to give your blog
an adrenaline shot to the heart!

What’s your game plan? What’s your goal? Why do you want to blog in the first place?

If you have no destination in mind, any direction will seem right. But that’s wrong, plain suicide. Translated into blogging terms, waste of time, money and effort.


Keep learning about how start a blog that makes money…

  • Step #2
    Download my premium eBook: Niche Blogging Profits (and still my secrets, most of them which you won’t find on this blog, or elsewhere)
  • Step #3
    Discover How I Sold 3 Health Niche Blogs on Flippa for almost $7k

Don’t forget to browse the site for blog posts relevant to your needs, and check new ones as I add them regularly.

If you need help installing your blog, require premium content to stand out and get quality-targeted traffic (on-site articles and off-site guest posts) or simply want to get in touch, click here.

Hope you liked the short and sweet guide to learning how to start a blog that makes money. Go out there and spread the love. I thank you in advance for everything that you do for me and for the entire community.

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